Carol Westcott

Everyone has a beautiful voice.

Anyone can sing.

Voice Instructor


 My goal is to share my 27 years of experience as a voice teacher and performer with singers of diverse music backgrounds. From experienced amateur to professional – all will benefit from individualized vocal training. I work with adults of all ages and teens ages 13 and above.

I teach in a professional studio in a Victorian House in Baltimore Maryland, equipped with a grand piano, recording equipment and acoustic guitar. The studio is a nurturing place where I will help you realize your goals. The focus is on addressing the total singer. Lessons include instruction on body alignment, relaxation, breathing, tone quality and projection, range and register transitions, diction, ear-training, musicianship and theory. I have an extensive performing background, and feel comfortable teaching all styles of music. I’ve received advanced training in teaching Contemporary Commercial Vocal Technique styles including Belting. Students will benefit from audition and performance preparation. I have the contacts and the resources to provide students with information about performing and audition opportunities, and I make every effort possible to attend student performances. If you need help in the recording studio or rehearsals, I am available as a consultant.

At your first lesson we will discuss goals, intended music styles and previous training. We will assess skills and devise a unique plan to help you achieve your dreams.

Services Offered:

  • Vocal Technique and Training for Singers
  • Speech and Voice training for actors and public speakers
  • Vocal Technique/Coaching/Repertoire for Broadway and Musical Theatre Singers
  • Vocal Technique/Coaching/Repertoire for “The Voice” and other singing competitions.
  • Songwriting Lessons
  • Piano for singers and songwriters
  • Online Group Masterclasses

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The vocal exercises used in lessons are available by download.

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